So, I have this little book that has various writing prompts in it and asks you to write about them for 15-20 minutes each. Just to get the writing groove going. Since it’s almost 4am (and I cheated by using something that I’d written way back when in the previous post), I decided I’d go with one of these prompts.


People tend to take for graded all that life has to offer. Despite how cliche it all might sound, you only get to live once, so you have to learn how to treasure each and every moment. Life has its fair share of curve balls to throw out along the way. Major unexpected changes, deaths of loved ones, financial hardships, and so much more. All of these things have a disheartening effect on the quality of life, but keep living.

The good things that life has to offer far outweigh the curve balls and hardships. While it’s true that life is not always easy, life is always worth it. Treasure every breath and every moment that takes your breath away. When life throws out a curve ball that seems too big to handle, don’t give up on the game. Reach out to those that value you. Hold on to the ones that mean the most. The best thing about living is that you never do it alone. There’s always someone out there that wants to be there for you. Someone that cares when it seems like the world is falling in on you.

Remember to enjoy the great things in life and to learn from the worst parts of life. Share your life with the people that matter most.

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