*Trigger Warning* Maze of Broken Dreams

This is something older (way back when in the high school years). Let’s just say I used to be a very unhappy teenager, and I hid it well. I’m in a much better place now, and I want to eventually get a 2nd Master’s degree in Counseling, so I can better help people that are in a similar state of mind.

Maze of Broken Dreams

By: Joshua Starks

Lost inside a maze of broken dreams
My fears call out; my soul it screams
I’ve shut the door and locked the gate
I’ve made myself the thing I hate

I can’t get out, can’t shed this skin
Of hidden feelings trapped within

I’m poisoned by the things I hide
There’s nothing left but pain inside

Locked inside a dream I can’t survive
I think “Why bother to stay alive?”
It’s too hard to be so fake
I fear my life’s a big mistake

Is there hope inside my painful thoughts?
Am I in too deep, a cause that’s lost?
I’ve wished so long for better days
Yet here I am inside this maze

I cannot breathe, I cannot see
A place inside this world for me

Painful thoughts corrode my soul
All that’s left are burning holes

All I need is one sharp knife
Two small cuts would end my life
Is this the way it’s going to end?
Consumed by darkness from within?

“It doesn’t have to end today.”
I hear somewhere along the way
It’s because of you, I found my light
No longer alone, my pain I fight

You came to me inside my dreams
And pointed me to better things

April 24, 2002

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