The Mirror

It’s two days away. This weekend, I’m going home, and I plan on telling my parents that I’m gay. I’ve been living under the stress of two lives for almost two years now, and I hid my true self from everyone long before that. When I started coming out to my close friends and eventually started living the life I was meant to in Springfield, I began to want that life back in my hometown where my family is too. My sister-in-law found out on accident, but was accepting. About a week ago, my brother also found out and has also accepted who I am. Now I feel like I’m ready to tell my parents.

The Mirror
Joshua Starks

Looking through the glass in fear
It’s pain I see inside the mirror.
The life I live is filled with lies
It’s hard to look you in the eyes.
I know it’s who I’m meant to be
And now I have to make you see.
The face inside the mirror is real.
It’s not the way I chose to feel.
I love you so I cannot hide
The way I really feel inside.
Think about it from my view
And know the words I speak are true.
The double life has finally passed
The mirror shows my face at last.
For your reaction, I sit and wait
Hoping love turns not to hate
Just know that when the day is done:
Mom and Dad, I’m still your son.

30 August 2011

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