December Writing Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: List 10 things that you would never do.

First off, I guess I should place a disclaimer at the beginning of this post, because I’m hugely against saying I’ll “never” do something. While I may fight and scream and swear I’ll never do something, it’s quite possible I’ll end up doing the thing I fought so hardly not to do. Who knows?

Theoretically, I will never…

1. Enjoy flying. I’m fairly certain it would take a divine intervention from some kind of higher power for this to ever change. This gay guy was never meant to be up in the air in a plane. Have I done it? Yes. I’ve flown several times. I have never enjoyed it, and cannot imagine that I ever will. Certain things tend to get me onto planes though. Relief trips to Haiti (back in 2003), and going to a UMR-ACUHO Conference/ Spending much needed time with a close friend are just a couple examples of worthy causes for getting on horrible metal birds.

2. Forget how important my friends are. I have no idea where I would be or what would have happened to me a long while ago if I hadn’t had the friends that I have in my life. It seems like there’s always someone around to keep me from making regrettably stupid decisions (or at least someone there to tell me it’s ok or going to be ok after I’ve already made one of those decisions). My friends have always been there to support me and to enjoy a great laugh with. Always there to offer a much needed hug, and of course, they’re always there to tell me how dumb I am when I mess up (usually followed shortly by us laughing about it uncontrollably).

3. Find an addiction more satisfying than books and Starbucks. I don’t know what it is exactly, but nothing beats a trip to Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. It’s never just right unless they’re paired together. Sure, I can have a great time at Starbucks or a great time at Barnes & Noble, but pairing them together in one go is just pure ecstasy. Plus, if you’re going to Barnes & Noble, you have no excuse for not going to Starbucks. They conveniently place one inside all of their stores!

4. Forget how to love unconditionally. I’m a huge sap! I talk a bad-ass mentality talk, but the truth of the matter is, I can’t help but care for the people in my life. I really can’t comprehend how people can get mad and stay that way with the people in their lives that they care about. It doesn’t really even matter if it’s a friend or a significant other. I can honestly say I’ve loved twice, and I would still do anything for either of them despite the pain that came when things ended between us. I harbor no ill-will or hard feelings toward them. I can only wish great things and happiness for them. On the same note, I like to thing that I’d do anything for my friends. It takes too much energy to hate more than one person at a time, and mine is reserved for someone already. I won’t delve into that, though.

5. Understand the purpose of skinny jeans. If that’s your thing, then kudos to you, but I hope you realize that I will always think you look ridiculous if you insist on wearing skinny jeans. I may snicker at you if I see you wearing them. Don’t worry, it’s nothing personal. I’m equally evil to all skinny jean wearers.

6. Stop writing. If you couldn’t tell, I can go on for pages and pages writing about silly prompts like this one. My ultimate goal is to publish at least a stand-alone fantasy novel. My dream world would be one where I’m writing fantasy full-time or writing on the side of a teaching job. Keep dreaming, self. Keep dreaming. Until then, I’ll keep chugging along in the blogging realm, because I also enjoy writing about my life and the events that happen in it. Of course, there’s always the inevitable journal in any writer’s life, but that’s password protected for good reason.

7. Drink beer. You wouldn’t think this would be something worth blogging about, but I have had more prods to try beer than any other drink out there. It will (theoretically) never happen! Beer is the most awful smelling liquid I’ve ever encountered, and I believe that anything that smells that bad has to taste just as awful. I’ll never understand the appeal of beer when there are much better drinks out there. Come on people. Drink a Watermelon Sprite or a Rum and Coke. Much better than Beer (I also have to add that beer looks like some other liquid that I’m fairly certain if consumed would be socially unacceptable and frowned upon….).

8. Finish getting caught up on my gigantic To-Read list. I think I’m starting to realize how impossible my To-Read list has become to manage. I think I have more books on my shelf that I haven’t read than those that I’ve already read. Barnes & Noble is my poison, but I’ve accepted my fate. I will keep reading until the day I die, and I’ll leave all of my books to whoever is lucky (or unlucky) enough to be willed my book collection. My usual habit finds me browsing the shelves of Barnes & Noble looking for books in series that I already read when all of a sudden, my eye catches something interesting. I then proceed to read the back of said interesting book, find the first in whatever series I’ve discovered, and take it home to the shelf. Maybe I should start book-shopping online? (Nah!)

9. Enjoy a sunny day over a rainy day. What can I say? If you’ve read this much of the blog, you’ve probably already realized how weird I am. I will take a rainy day over a sunny day anytime. I love rain. The way it sounds, the way it smells. Nothing beats sitting outside on a rainy summer day and listening to the amazing sound. Add a good book and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and you’ve got it made.

10. Regret living. I’m not an extremely unhappy person. In fact, on most days, I’m quite chipper. I didn’t always used to be so delighted with life and living, though. In fact, I used to hate myself until I realized how worth it living really is. You only get to live once, and once your life is over, there’s no going back. Live for the moment. Appreciate every breath that you take, because it might just be your last. I’ve got amazing friends, an amazing family, and a million reasons to keep on enjoying the life that I’m living. If you’ve read the entries before this one, you know I mention my no-so-great existence that I had before quite a bit, but it’s not because I want the “woe-is-me” response or the sympathy counts. It’s because I want whoever reads this to know how amazing life can be if you stay strong, jump the hurdles or obstacles and hold on to the memories and events in your life that give meaning and happiness.

“Life is filled with so many twists and turns. Hop off the straight and narrow whenever you can and take the winding paths. Experience the exhilaration of the view from the edge. Because the moments spent there, that take your breath away, are what make you feel truly alive.” -Stacey Charter

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