DWC Day 3: 5 Songs for 5 Friends

 Day 3: Pick ten friends, and pair them with songs. Why do the songs remind you of these people?

Rob Ross – Frozen by Madonna
I’ve known Rob for less than a year, and in that short time, the thing that sticks out the most is his passion for Madonna. We’re both from really small towns where there’s not much to do, so while I was living back at home job searching, we met and started hanging out. Now, I consider him one of my best friends. We would hang out at his house most of the time, and we spent a lot of time sitting outside either on his front porch or in his front yard listening to Madonna’s music through his portable speakers. Anywhere we went, we played Madonna music in the car, and when we ended up at the bars in St. Louis, he played Madonna. We even went to a Madonna Drag Show right before I moved to North Carolina. He has definitely spread his obsession with Madonna on to me, and now I listen to her all the time too.
Stephanie Lewis – Airplanes by B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore
It doesn’t matter where I’m at or what I’m doing, if I hear this song, I immediately think of Stephanie. I remember the summer that this song was released. Stephanie and I were hanging out all the time back then, because she was home from her full-time job. I was home from Missouri State. It seemed like everywhere we went around WashMo (Washington, MO), they were playing this song on the radio. It wasn’t long before we were belting out the rap and the chorus every time it was on the radio. I even made a custom ringtone for her that plays the song whenever she calls. (Except Xodus [my computer] decided to eat all my custom ringtones last time I synced my phone to it, so I’ll have to figure out what happened with that and put them back.)
Renee Lohan – Clarity by Zedd feat. Foxes!
Also while back home job searching and while working at McDonald’s again, I met Renee. She was another of the Shift Manager Trainees, and we started spending a lot of time together outside of work. We usually ended up at Target, because it’s the only place to get a good cup of Starbucks around St. Clair without driving 45 minutes to Fenton. We’d spent quite a bit of time just walking around Target, and one night we were listening to the music samples that they play for their headphone displays when we heard this song. We both fell in love with it, and we went on a search to find out what it was. Once we discovered what song it was, we started listening to it all the time. Now whenever I hear the song on the radio or when it comes across my iPhone, I think of Renee. ^_^
Adam Schaffer – Blank Page by Christina Aguilera
So, truth be told, I’ve never met Adam in person. Not yet, anyway. He’s been a friend of Rob’s for ages, and Rob gave Adam my number so he could text me some funny, yet horribly spelled, quotes from American Dad at 2-3 in the AM one night when they were hanging out. We’ve been talking quite a bit since then, and I guess he seems like an ok person. Haha, just kidding, Adam. Adam has an obsession with Christina that probably matches Rob’s obsession with Madonna, and this song comes up quite a bit in our discussions. I’m sure I’ll finally meet this kid when I’m hanging out with Rob over Holiday Break, and maybe we’ll have to torture Rob with some of Christina’s music. ^_^
Amanda “Mandar” LeBrun – Poison by Groove Coverage
Ah….Poison. This song probably took me the longest to find, because I haven’t listened to it in quite a while. I knew the song I wanted to match, and I definitely knew who I wanted to match it to. The problem came while trying to remember who the Artist was associated with it. The song, and it’s techno-y beat will forever remind me of Mandar, though. I’m fairly certain that this was the first techno band I ever listened to, and I remember after she gave me the burnt CD that I listened to it pretty consistently for the next couple weeks. I’d say from the entire album, this was my favorite. If you’re bored or in a Monday slump, give it a listen. 

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