DWC Day 5: What Are Your Obsessions?

Day 5: What are your obsessions?

I have a few obsessions that I enjoy, and I can’t really think of any that I don’t enjoy. It’s good to have hobbies, right? 😉
Probably my #1 obsession. I make frequent visits to Starbucks every week, sometimes more than once a day. The only drawback to this obsession is the cost. Still, $5 cups of coffee are totally worth it, because they taste amazing and keep me awake when I’ve had long, tiresome days of doing nothing in the office.
Barnes & Noble
I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in another post. I’m a book-nerd. Anyone that knows me knows that this is a true fact about me. If I had the shelf space (which would require more space in the apartment), I would have probably four or five shelves full of books. Right now, the majority of those books are packed away in totes, and the only shelf I have in my apartment is currently full of books on the “to-read” list. That’s not all, though. I have a Nook as well that is quickly growing with it’s own “To-Read” shelf. I pay $25 per year for a membership to Barnes & Noble, but the discounts I get for having the membership pay that fee on their own.
I love writing. I keep a personal journal that I write in pretty consistently. In addition to the journal, I’ve been updating this blog, and I also have a smaller journal that I call the “Quotebook” that I write quotes in that inspire me or that I enjoy and want to remember. It’s nowhere near full, but I add to it frequently. There have been a couple times when I have come across a quote and it has ended up in the Quotebook more than once. I guess I really enjoyed those quotes. ^_^
Typically, it doesn’t matter where I’m at, I’m listening to music. Especially if I’m by myself. My phone full of music goes with me wherever I go, and I always have my earbuds with me. When I’m hanging out with friends (mainly Rob), we typically end up listening to music at some point as well. Rob and I had plenty of nights sitting around on his porch or out in the yard listening to Madonna on his speakers, and it was nice to just sit around doing nothing but listen to music and “shoot the shit” as Rob likes to call it. ^_^ I have a tendency to associate songs with certain people, and whenever I hear those songs, it brings up memories of that person. Consequently, I’m always missing the important people in my life from back home, because I’m always listening to the music that reminds me of them.
I thought I’d save the most obvious for last, and I already talked about it under the Quotes obsession. I won’t say much here, because that would be a little redundant. ^_^

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