DWC Day 7: What Type Of Music Do You Favor?

Day 7: What type of music do you favor?
Made my first slip up and forgot to post on the right day. I blame it on the fact that yesterday was a Slack-Off Saturday. ^_^
My favorite type of music. I have a few types of music that I like, but Pop is definitely at the top of the list. My favorite band has been Paramore for a while, and they’re more punk/rock than pop, but I’ve been listening to Pop mostly for as long as I can remember. Paramore happens to be an odd exception. I also have a tendency to really like depressing music. Rob makes fun of me quite a bit for listening to such depressing music.
My favorite Solo Artist is Britney with a close second of Madonna thanks to Rob’s corruption. Christina is also on the list with Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson. I spend a lot of time just sitting around listening to music, and as you’ve probably read in several posts already, if you’ve been keeping up with them (I have no idea how many people actually read this….haha), it’s something that Rob and I do a lot of at his house too. Hey, we live out in the middle of nowhere practically (him more so than me), so there’s not much to do. Music is a good way to pass time.
Music also gets things done. Depending on what I’m trying to accomplish, I’ll listen to different types of music. Cleaning requires upbeat remixy-type music. When I’m writing, I listen to music to fit whatever mood I’m in. 

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