DWC Day 10: Free Day

Day 10: Free Day
Winter is one of my favorite seasons of the year….for that first couple snowfalls, and then I’m over it and ready for warmer weather again. But with winter comes Christmas, and Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday of the year (tied for first with Halloween, because who doesn’t love a holiday filled with horror films and superstitions?!) As of yet, Christmas is the only holiday that I have not missed with my family. This year, I get to not only hang out with my family on Christmas Day, but I’m also hanging out with my best friend Rob on Christmas Eve and through most of my time in Missouri. I’ll be staying with him and his family at his house while I’m home, and we have tons of epic plans (and a list of movies to watch while I’m home). I’m excited about getting to see my family and friends while I’m home, because it’s not exactly a hidden fact that I’m not happy here in North Carolina. 
Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays, because I get to spend money on people that are important to me. ^_^ I like to spend money, and believe it or not, I’d prefer to spend money on other people than on myself. I also get a huge baking spark during the holidays, which my mom always enjoyed, because I liked to help her bake all the holiday cookies and whatnot that add to everyone’s poundage during the month of December.
So….holiday plans. I’m starting my journey by driving the 14 hours back to Missouri, obviously. I’ll end up at Rob’s house first, and I’ll stay there until we decide to head to St. Louis for the weekend. We have a party with his kickball peeps to go to that Saturday and a birthday party for Adam to go to on Sunday. Monday, I’ll make my first visit to the ‘rents’ house to see all of them. Christmas Eve will involve me hanging out with Rob’s family and going to the midnight mass with him, his dad, and his brothers. Then, on Christmas Day, I plan on dragging him to my family’s Christmas to hang out and eat a lot of food. Haha. 
Sometime after that I plan to visit Stephanie for a day or so in Rolla. As of yet, I haven’t nailed anything definite down for New Year’s Eve, so I have no idea what’s going on for that night, though there’s usually a get together at Amy’s house with games, food, and what not. I have no idea where I’ll be then, though.
After all is said and done, though, I’ll be dragging myself back to North Carolina on the 5th. Unless! Unless I happen to get some sort of huge Christmas wish and some awesome University in St. Louis (I’ve applied for 5-6 different positions) happens to offer me a job, or I happen to find something else worthwhile while I’m home. Then, I’ll just come back to NC long enough to pack my stuff and be gone from this dreadful place forever!
So, that’s my wish for Christmas this year. I don’t need a bunch of fancy gifts or any of that (though those things never hurt anything. I received some deliciously amazing Oatmeal Raisin cookies and some peppermint hot chocolate in the mail today from my Mandar, and I think they’re halfway gone already!). I really just want to find a job that makes me happy that’s a lot closer to my family and best friends. This place is not for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful to be employed, especially in my degree field, but I’m not happy here. I need an escape from this place, so that’s my #1 on the Christmas list. 
Hoping everyone has a safe holiday season!

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