DWC Day 14: Explain What Your Favorite Holiday Is, And Why.

Day 14: Explain what your favorite holiday is and why.
First, oops. I have somehow managed to get myself about four days behind on blog posts, and I think it secretly has to do with one-part laziness, one-part excitement to get myself back to Missouri. In any case, today is catch up day, and I’m leaving for Missouri tomorrow, bright and early!
Favorite holiday. Well, I think I actually talked about this in a previous blog entry a couple days back, but I have two favorite holidays: Christmas and Halloween. Halloween really isn’t all that super-exciting to me anymore as far as getting dressed up in costume and going out for trick-or-treating; however, when I have the chance, it’s always a good time to what Alicia get dressed up and take her trick-or-treating. I didn’t get to do that this year since I live 14 hours away, but she did show me her “blue ninja” costume, and she had a good time with it. 
I love Halloween, because during the whole month of October, they play the really good classic horror movies like the Friday the 13th movies, the Halloween movies, and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Rob and I watched quite a few of these (some of them more than once, just because of when we happened to catch them on tv), and he even got me started on American Horror Story, which I’ve become a huge fan of. I wasn’t real crazy about the second season, but the first season was awesome. The third (current) season is my favorite so far. Sadly, Jessica Lange is going to do one more season and then be finished. What will it look like without her?
Christmas is the other tie for first as my favorite holiday. It’s the only holiday as of yet that I have not missed so far with my family. The past two years in a row, I’ve been away from my family on Thanksgiving, which is a huge downer, especially when you have to spend it by yourself from 14 hours away from home. Christmas this year will be epic, though. I get to spend a lot of time with the best friend, and I’ll be hanging with him and his family on Christmas Eve, then it will be my family on Christmas Day. We’ve even got a couple of Christmas parties to hit up in St. Louis, so I’m looking forward to all of that and just getting away from here for a while.
I hope everyone reading this will get to spend that time with the people they care about as well. ^_^

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