DWC Day 15: Write About Your First Job

Day 15: Write about your first job.
I remember my first job quite well, because I found myself coming back to it three times. I started working at McDonalds when I was fifteen years old (and it was the last year where McDonalds took on fifteen year old employees because there are so many rules for what they can and cannot do or operate inside the restaurant), and I worked there through the first summer of grad school, quitting twice and coming back. 
When I first started at McDonalds, it was just a way to make money. I didn’t really take anything too seriously, and I really never expected to make any sort of advancements. I guess the longer I worked there and the more responsible I became, the more I was starting to look at the advancements others were making. It wasn’t long before I wanted those promotions too. I was there about two years before I first got promoted to Zone Manager, and then another two years before I started working on my Shift Management training. The second time I quit McDonalds was due to the fact that I failed my External Certification Review and was promised another chance at it when I came back to work the next summer, but when I returned was told that they had demoted me back to Zone Manager. Their reasoning was that since I was only there during the summer, I could not be a Shift Manager (despite having been told that it was alright to do that at first, because they needed more Managers during the summer months anyway).
After HP was outsourced overseas, and I moved back home to St. Clair, I found myself looking for another job again while I continued my Student Affairs search and took a class to get my teaching certificate renewed. Reluctantly, I turned to McDonalds again, but was surprised when the General Manager told me that he wanted to work on my Shift Management certification again, despite the fact that I had been upfront with him about this being a job that I needed only until I found something in my degree field. I once again never finished my Shift Management certification, because I was hired by Winston-Salem State University, but the GM told me that my job would be there if I ever needed/wanted to come back, so I appreciate that he was willing to do that for me.
Overall, though I had the back experience of working there through the first attempt at SM certification, I think my second go-around with the company was more positive. He was willing to work on those management skills with me, knowing that he might not ever see me in a management position in the store. It’s not a bad place to work. (Although my pay never made it over $8.20 per hour as a SM Trainee). In that regard, I think they can do a little better. The place banks billions of dollars per year.

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