DWC Day 17: Write About Someone/Something You Miss

Day 17: Write about someone/something you miss.
Well, I think I have written quite a bit during this month of writing challenges about the people that I miss. I could talk about that all day long. I miss my family, my best friends (Rob, Stephanie, Renee, etc), and I miss being within reasonable driving distance of these people. Although I didn’t anticipate it at the time, I think moving to North Carolina has been one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do, and although later in life I may not think so, I look at the move as somewhat of a mistake. I jumped into a job offer that I didn’t know much about, and although I am continuing to build my resume and trying to make the best out of the situation that I’m in, it’s still not where I want to be personally or professionally.
I’m ready to be back in a place where I feel like I have professional growth opportunities beyond just learning how to do a completely different job than the one I signed up for, and I’m ready to be back amongst friends and family that I had to leave behind when I moved 14 hours and 800 miles away. Since I’ve talked about it so much before, I’ll leave this post short. I’m making that 14 hour journey bright and early tomorrow, and I’m going to make the most out of the time that I get to spend with those important people in my life. Hopefully, I’ll come back ready to tackle another semester and continue my job search to someday be back where I want to be. ^_^

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