Reflecting on 2013 and Looking Toward 2014

2013 Recap: Last Year in a Nutshell

So, I came back to North Carolina after a great three weeks back in Missouri spent with family and friends. I stayed at Rob’s house for the duration of my time back home, and we went to each other’s family Christmases and New Years celebrations. I even stayed a couple extra days because of getting snowed in by Snowpocalypse 2014. Now I’m back, and I originally intended to pick up where I left off with the December Writing Challenge; however, I’m just not into it now that December is over, so I’ll have to find something else to write about.
To start off 2014, I thought I’d recap some of the 2013 highlights/milestones/realizations, etc.
January 2013 – After having moved back home from Springfield in November, I was still job searching and unemployed. I started a class to get my teaching certificate renewed again.
February 2013 – I started working at McDonalds for the 3rd time in my life. I met Rob, who I now consider one of my closest friends.
March 2013 – Still working at McDonald’s. Spent a lot of my Spring Break away from my one class hanging out with Rob (nothing unusual there; I drove back and forth to Cadet a lot while I was living back home.)
April 2013 – Rob and I went to the Weird Al concert in St. Charles. Good times, good times. I’m still working at McDonald’s
May 2013 – Finished my class to get my teaching certificate renewed. Had my first phone interview with a University since I left Springfield in November 2012.
June 2013 – As luck would have it, I was still getting phone interview opportunities with Universities; however, I hadn’t run into any hits so far.
July 2013 – Quite a bit for this month. My 28th birthday came and went, and Rob came out to my family’s 4th of July get-together out at Amy’s house. I interviewed via Skype 3x with Winston-Salem State University, and they offered me my current position of First-Year Residential Experience Coordinator. Before leaving for North Carolina, Rob and I went to a Madonna Drag Show up at Meyer’s Grove with his friend Shane. I made the move to North Carolina, and Rob stayed up there during my first week to hang out and help me get settled in. I sadly sent him home via the bus (the bus was his idea!).
August 2013 – Surprise! Rob decided to come back to North Carolina. He flew up to begin his own job search process in a new place. It was great to finally have someone familiar around as the excitement of the new job began to wear down as I realized how far away I was from everyone I cared about. Homesicklyness (I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway!) began to settle in, so having a close friend around was extremely helpful. 
September 2013 – Rob and I made a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. It was a great trip, but I lost our licenses in the ocean. The trip was still a good one, looking back, but I was pretty pissed at myself at the time. Rob, on the other hand, seemed slightly amused by the whole situation,. and he kept saying “it’s funny, because I’m not the one that lost them.” 
October 2013 – I made my first trip back to Missouri since my move back to North Carolina for Stephanie’s wedding. Rob drove all but five of the fourteen hours back to Missouri, because I was sick with what I thought was Death at the time. Really disappointed that I was home for Stephanie’s wedding and Rob’s “welcome back” bonfire and feeling like a train-wreck the whole time. Nonetheless, I made the most out of my weekend home that I could and begrudgingly went back to North Carolina.
November 2013 – Nothing super exciting happened in November. Thanksgiving came and went, and I spent the day by myself. It was only the 2nd time ever that I have spent a Thanksgiving away from home. 
December 2013 – As soon as December rolled around, I printed off a calendar and began counting down the days until I could drive home. I spent three amazing weeks in Missouri for the holidays. I stayed with Rob at his house, and we had a great time going to St. Louis to hang out, spending Christmas and New Years with both of our families, and generally being lazy like we usually do, sitting around watching our favorite tv shows. I was able to spend a day with Stephanie in Washington, and my newest niece Sierra was born.  Aside from the numerous things that my car decided should go wrong while I was home, it was a great time spent with all the amazing people I care about the most. ^_^
2013 had a lot of ups and plenty of downs. I began to realize that maybe I’m not meant to live 800 miles away from my family and those that I’m close to. One of my most immediate goals for 2014 is to find a job that I love that is also a lot closer to home. Short-term goals include renewing my QPR Suicide Prevention Certification, raising the money to get the Instructor Certification for QPR, and continuing to write on a regular basis (It might not always be on this blog; I have a personal journal as well. My goal is to write “somewhere” regularly.)
Hopefully, everyone is beginning their 2014 in the way that they wanted, and here’s hoping it continues to bring about everything you’d imagined it would. ^_^ Happy New Year!
“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy. This is success!” – Sasha Azevedo

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