It’s Been a While….or so I’ve Heard.

I’m giving a consistent writing habit another shot. It’s been something that I’ve been wanting to get myself back into for a while now, but the inspiration hasn’t really been hitting me too hard. I’ve been reading a lot of books on writing in my down time between classes (which start again next week…and let me tell you, the summer semester is going to be draining for a few weeks. If I can survive for the first half of the semester, I should be golden, though), and they all seem to be consistent in saying that in order to find inspiration for writing, you have to jump in and start writing. Unlike my last attempt at maintaining a blog (when I was hundreds of miles away from home and feeling stuck inside my head), I’m hoping to keep this one going long-term. So, if you’re along for the ride (aka, a regular in choosing to read whatever random nonsense happens to make its way to my page) and you notice that I’m slacking off with updating, feel free to poke and prod me until I kick myself back into gear again.

I’ve switched to WordPress, because it seems to have a little more functionality and more features than Blogger did, which is what I used for my blog while I was in North Carolina. I enjoyed customizing the look, but the page itself has been sitting out in limbo with no posts on it for a couple months now. This will be the first of hopefully many random posts. I’ll try to jazz them up with pictures like I did on Blogger, but I’m typing this on my tablet tonight and haven’t played around with that feature of the app yet.I’ve also reactivated and updated my account at, which is a pretty nice writing community with thousands of participants. I didn’t really do much on there when I created my account in 2008, but I’m hoping to get more out of that this time around as well.

Enough of my nonsense for tonight, though. I’m about ready to head to bed after playing a few rounds of games with Rob.  Goodnight world. ^_^

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