In Which I’m Terrible at Blogging

Once upon a time I started a blog. And I was terrible at it. Haha, I really am the worst sort of person when it comes to updating a blog, I guess; but, I’m determined to make it work at least when I can. Shoutout to the peeps that have been poking and prodding me to write more (and to Shannon and Stephanie for simply letting me know that you’re reading and interested in my uneventful banter ^_^ ). 

So, Rob and I are all moved into our new apartment (which is significantly smaller than the LRH apartment, but still cozy enough for two people I suppose). Rob has already had a crash course in the layout (insert witty drum roll), and he’s got the stiches to prove it. 🙂 The animals adjusted a lot better than I thought they would. Blanche was actually out and exploring her new digs as soon as we let them out of the bathroom. Tobias, being the lazy creature that he is, slept the entire first day away on the bottom shelf of the now non-existent bookshelf (note: $17 bookshelves from Wal-Mart are not step stools…in case you missed the memo!) Parker could probably care less about the location of the apartment as long as it comes with plenty of time to sleep and free dinner.

RD Training is underway, and I’m excited for the RAs to come back on August 6th. It’s way to quiet in the building (not to say that I’m quite as prepared for the students to return…just a few more weeks of summer, please!) My last summer class is about to wrap up tomorrow, and one of them has already finished, so I’ll have about three-ish weeks of not having to worry about what’s due next and when.

In case you haven’t seen/heard it yet, a gift of Britney for you and also this Funny Cats video, because who doesn’t love cats? 

Goodnight peeps! Be nice to each other, and don’t go voting for Trump or anything silly like that. ^_^

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