Jump-Starting July


I really considered naming this blog post “In Which I’m Still Terrible at Blogging,” but I decided against that negativity and came up with a much more positive blog title. In actuality, it did make me laugh at myself, because my last blog entry was titled “In Which I’m Terrible at Blogging,” and it was a post that basically acknowledged how much I had been neglecting my blogging (and writing in general) and how I wanted to pick it back up again regularly. I laugh, because that isn’t what happened at all, and I actually left it hanging there in limbo. This is the first entry I’ve made since that post, and that was July 18, 2016. Almost two years ago. I won’t promise myself that I’ll do any better this time, but I will make a solid attempt at trying.

Writing is one of my biggest forms of unwinding and getting rid of unnecessary stress, and I have rediscovered that in the last couple months and have been writing in my journal at least once a day for over two months now. Yay me.

I’m on summer break currently, and there are a couple months left before internship starts back up. I’ve already started studying for the NCE & CPCE, and I am so ready to graduate in December and take a nice, long, and healthy break away from school. Not necessarily from testing, though, because I also submitted a CADC application for work, which means another professional license but also another pain in the butt test to go with it. I took this week off, and I’m taking a road trip down to visit family Tuesday after the bestie gets off work. Thomas and I are watching a movie (ok, I’m watching a movie [Supergirl; not the TV Show, though it is one of my favorites. I’m watching the movie from 1984 – also one of my favorites]…he is lazily passed out on the floor).

I’m about to wrap this post up (with hopefully more to come in the near future…potentially with more intentional writing topics that don’t involve me rambling), but before I sign-off, I’m just going to leave this link here, because everyone loves a good shameless plug:

Birthday Fundraiser: To Write Love on Her Arms


To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing resources and assistance to individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. Facebook has this neat thing where you can donate your birthday to create a fundraiser for an organization that’s important to you. TWLOHA is a very inspirational organization that offers help to millions of people, and I’ve grown to be quite passionate about their mission. I read and share their posts all the time, and they’re great. So far, the fundraiser I created has raised $60. I set the goal at $200. If you’ve got some spare change to donate, it’d be much appreciated. It goes to an awesome cause. ^_^

If you stopped by to read my ramblings, feel free to let me know in the comments.

Be well,


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