September Creative Writing Challenge – Day 1: Lost at Sea

Photo by Bogdan Glisik on Unsplash

“I’m hungry.”

“It doesn’t matter. There’s nothing to eat.”

“Well, I was just saying.”

“And I’m only stating the obvious.”

It was the same conversation that had occurred for the last ten days. After the fishing boat had caught fire after an engine malfunction, the lifeboat floated aimlessly, lost at sea, with no food or drinkable water secured before escaping from the burning wreckage.

“I wish it would rain. Shouldn’t drink the ocean anymore.”

“It never rains.”

“Must you always be so negative. Maybe it will rain.”

“Maybe it will. With our luck, it’ll storm, and we’ll be tossed from this pathetic lifeboat. Wouldn’t be terrible, I suppose.” The old man gave the idea of abandoning any hope of survival a second thought. “Maybe it will rain.”

“Well, now you want it to rain for all the wrong reasons. I know what you’re thinking.”

“Would that be so bad with all things considered?”

“I think that eventually we’ll be found.”

“We’re not going to be found.”

This statement was the final straw, and the old man could feel his blood boiling at the constant negativity.

“I say we will be found! Damn you!” His infuriation intensified as his eyes rolled in disbelief. “We will be found! And when we get home, we’re going to have a big steak dinner with a rather expensive bottle of wine and the biggest ribeye steaks that we can find!”

“I don’t know why you’re so angry.” He replied nonchalantly.

“What reasons have I got to not be angry when I’m stuck aboard this lifeboat which such a negative person?!”

The old man chuckled.

“What are you laughing at, now? I can’t imagine what could be so amusing.”

“I’m laughing, because what else is there to do but laugh and get angry?”

“I am trying to remain hopeful that we’ll be found.”


“Are you certain that she was the only one on the lifeboat.”

“Yes, lieutenant. The other lifeguards and I have verified with the family and witnesses that there were exactly four people onboard the boat at the time of the departure.”

“And none of the four were this old man she kept screaming about?”

“No sir. There were two males and two females aboard the boat. At best, the men can be described as middle-aged.”

“Very well. Poor girl must have dreamed up this old man in her head to keep her safe.”


“Yes, Ricky?”

“She won’t stop crying about how she killed the old man on accident. She keeps repeating, ‘I didn’t mean to kill him; I just wanted him to stop being so negative.’”

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