September Creative Writing Challenge – Day 2: Change the World

Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash


  Will watched the TV screen, unenthused by the back and forth debates of the presidential candidates in the upcoming election. It was always the same. Both candidates made promises for all the wonderful ways in which they planned to make the country a better place over the next four years, and their supporters blindly bought into their claims.

            How long, he thought, will it take everyone to forget all the promises that are made during the presidential debates once the winner takes office?

            Will got up from his seat on the couch, grabbed his backpack and a soda from the dining room table, and walked out the door. He figured going to the library to study would be just as unexciting as watching the presidential debates, but at least he’d be working toward something productive that could help him pass his test tomorrow.

            It took him about five minutes on his bike to get to the library. He retrieved two books that he needed to return from his backpack and placed them into the return slot at the front desk before taking a seat at one of the tables in the back corner of the library where he’d stand the best chance of not being disturbed while he studied. He pulled his earbuds from the side pocket of his bag and, disregarding the “no food or drink” rule of most libraries, quietly popped the tab on his soda can, took a sip, and sat it casually behind his backpack against the wall.

            Retrieving the study guide for his sociology test from his backpack, he opened it to the first page and was disappointed when he saw the essay prompts.

            “Fuck,” he muttered to himself, “I wish Mr. Elker could just give us one test that was multiple choice or true and false.”

            He stared blankly at the page for a few minutes before snapping himself out of his spaced-out daze and back into reality. Tapping his pencil on the table along to the beat of “Believe” by Cher as it played in his ears, he looked down at the first question.

            What ways would you change the world? He read to himself.

            “What the hell kind of question is that?”

            The more he thought about the question, the more he thought about the presidential debates he had skipped watching to come to the library and study. He thought about the promises that politicians made and then often left behind once they were elected into office. He thought about the back and forth battles between different political parties. What did any of this solve? In what ways did these people change the world, and what motivated them to do it?

            Something clicked inside his brain, and he was more aware of one of the biggest problems contributing to lack of change in the world: lack of motivation and investment from people in the happenings of the world. Everyone was so wrapped up in their own lives.

            “We’re mostly apathetic to things that don’t directly impact our own lives.” He said out loud to himself.

            Will grabbed his things and quickly shoved them back into his backpack before chugging the rest of his soda and racing out of the library. He jumped on his bike and raced back home to finish watching the presidential debates.

            Who knows, he thought, maybe one of these candidates will be the one that changes the world.

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