September Creative Writing Challenge – Day 6: The Treasure

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

There are many definitions for the word “Treasure.” According to Merriam-Webster, treasure can be “wealth (such as money, jewels, or precious metals) stored up or hoarded; wealth of any kind or in any form; a store of money in reserve; something of great worth or value, also: a person esteemed as rare or precious; or a collection of precious things.” There’s a lot of weight in that word. As a verb, the word treasure carries a lot of responsibility and a sense of importance. “Treasure” the things that you love. “Treasure” the moments that you have with those you love.

What would you do to protect the things you treasure? What do you treasure the most? What are your treasures? Who are your treasures? Are you included among those treasures? Do you treasure yourself? At what lengths would you go to protect yourself? How valuable do you see yourself?

We often think of treasure in a monetary sense. Possessions and material belongings that could, if we so chose, be exchanged for great riches. It’s also not uncommon to think of others as treasures—especially in the sense of “treasuring” another human being. But how many people think about the word treasure in terms of how they view and think of themselves?

I had planned to turn today’s prompt into a short story, but this hit me in a weird sort of way this evening as I was thinking about one of my clients who desperately wants to become sober but doesn’t value himself enough to put down his drugs and start seeing himself as someone to be treasured. Years of trauma caused him to turn to substance abuse, and years of substance abuse utilized to numb and mask the pain have caused him to acquire a false sense of what he considers treasure. Still, there is hope in knowing that he keeps coming back despite everything in his mind and everything in this world that tells him to run and keep on running.

Treasure yourself, and view yourself as treasure—someone that is valuable. Someone that is worthy of being considered rare or precious. Unless you see yourself as worthy, everyone else’s opinion of your worth won’t matter. Do something for you this weekend to show yourself that you are important.

Merrian-Webster Reference

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