September Creative Writing Challenge – Day 22: Dead Dog

Photo by freddie marriage on Unsplash

Author’s Note: Peeps, I hated writing this one. I’m going to go cuddle my husky now. *sad face*

            With his music blaring, Zachary Lawson sped carelessly down the winding highway, wind whipping through his curly hair as the wind tunnel created by having all four windows of the car down at high speeds messed it into its own creation. Having just clocked out at work minutes before, Zachary was now on his way to see his girlfriend, and butterflies flew frantically in his stomach at the thought of seeing her.

            Jenna May Fairfield was the prettiest girl in town, and Zachary had the distinct honor of catching her attention by some strike of luck still unfathomable to him. Her flowing red hair captivated him, and it made him think of wildfires, both hot and dangerous, which is how he liked to think of her. Jenna was known for her adventurous lifestyle, and Zachary liked that about her.

            Lost in thought about what kind of exciting happenings the two of them might get up to that evening, he had lost his attention to what waited before him on the seemingly open highway. As he neared Jenna’s house, he took the last curve with ferocious speed, tight enough to make his tires squeal in protest as he sped around the bend. He knew that Jenna would be outside waiting for him, because she always was.

            As he came out of the curve, a blur darted out in front of his car. Eyes wide with shock and fear, Zachary slammed on the brakes, but it was too late—THUMP! THUMP! The damage was done, and whatever he had hit surely had not survived his high speeding car rolling completely over it, his car bouncing dangerously as if he had driven over two speed bumps without bothering to slow down.

            He pulled quickly into Jenna’s driveway, and saw her watching, awestruck and obviously aware of what it was that he had just driven over. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Zachary prayed that it hadn’t been a child. Frantically jumping out of the car once it was parked, Zachary ran to the ditch near where he had hit the being and searched for any sign of life or blood.

            He found it just as Jenna made it to him. He expected her to jump into his arms seeking to comfort and be comforted, but she balled back her fist and punched him square in the face, tears still streaming freely from her eyes in distress.

            “You sick bastard!” She screamed. “Why were you driving that curve so fast?! You killed him!”

            One hand over his nose, which he knew was broken and bleeding, Zachary chanced a look into the ditch and saw Jenna’s dog, Oscar, lifeless and bloody in the littered grass. Realizing the murder he had just committed to her best friend and companion, Zachary tried to walk toward her with the hand not clamped over his nose outstretched as if to welcome her to his arms so he could offer her some semblance of comfort and apology.

            “You’re dead to me, Zachary Lawson.” She said. “I never want to see you again.”

            Angry now, realizing that this had ended his chances of being with Jenna, he glared at her, no longer with remorse but with spite in his eyes. “You’re breaking up with me over a dead dog?! Jenna, I’ll buy you a new fucking mutt!”

            Not feeding into his apathy, Jenna turned and started walking back up the driveway, sobbing as she mourned Oscar and forgot all about the boy that killed him.

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