September Creative Writing Challenge – Day 23: Judgment

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

In the courtroom today, a man offered his plea

Pleas of not guilty to the treacherous deed

Disbelief rang through the entire court

“Judgment awaits you!” was their angry retort

For all of the suffering, the lies and deceit

The old man refused to admit his defeat

The evidence weighted against the old man

Still judgment he feared not, because he had a plan

Taking the stand with pride on his face

He claimed he had been in some other place

“At the time of the murder, at thirty past eight

I was out at the bar with a lonely old maid!”

An uproar of shock filled the room with their cries

As surprise turned to anger in everyone’s eyes

Thinking he knew just who to blame

The lawyer asked for the old lady’s name

The man grinned again with no hint of shame

“The judge and the maid are one and the same!”

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