Don’t Say Gay!

“Don’t say gay”

Afraid they’ll catch it–or afraid it’ll be passed on to the next generation

Trying to control the narrative of a story that isn’t theirs to tell.

Isn’t theirs to live.

A narrative that’s unfamiliar to them.

To be unfamiliar is something to be hated

“You’re not like us,” they say. “So you’re wrong.”




History repeats itself as it has many times before

According to them, “God” said:

Slavery is ok – because you’re not white like us

Women, submit to your husbands – because you’re not men like us

Gay is today’s “not like us” so “Don’t say gay.”

Books are banned and laws are passed

What’s left of history are white-washed versions that make them feel more comfortable

Smell that? It’s privilege.

Who voted on their lives? No one? Convenient.

But didn’t God really say

Love thy neighbor?

What happened to that narrative?

Maybe instead of “Don’t say gay,” look in the mirror and say “Don’t say hate.”

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