Things Hidden and Things Revealed

Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

One door
Two sides
Things hidden
Things revealed

One side keeps everything locked away
One side means putting everything out for the world to see
Hiding is a double edged sword that’s both familiar and lonely
Comfort comes from knowing that no one else can see through the darkness
But the same darkness that feels safe also brings overwhelming emptiness

A pull inside feels like an invitation to put one foot out into the sunlight
But a weight that pushes down is a harsh reminder of what it feels like to get burned
Beneath the frame, a trickle of light shines in
A sliver of something new that’s both freeing and terrifying

Two opposing forces fight against each other in a struggle to open and close the door
An endless battle of the mind and a never ending war in search of inner peace

One door
Two sides
Things hidden
Things revealed

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